What is Sutro?

What is Sutro, as a company?

Sutro is a 6-person startup, funded by Sequoia and the tech-lead for GPT-3. Sutro was founded by the ex-lead for Progressive Web Apps at Google.

We are building a world-class team passionate about developer platforms, creating products with AI, and the TypeScript / React ecosystem.

Learn more about our team and roles: Sutro Engineering Roles 👩‍💻👨‍🔬🧑‍🎨

Sutro's core belief

People should describe what they want to create at the highest level of abstraction possible, and we should collectively invest in the tooling to “compile it down.”

As a corollary, we believe that engineers should not be required to write “traditional, low level code” except for when what they’re building is both completely unique to their product and cannot be expressed at a higher level.


Major steps when building with Sutro


Why Sutro, for developers, creators and startups?

  1. It’s insanely fast to build and iterate. You can build and launch an entire new product (including backend) in minutes
  2. Sutro has multiple “escape hatches”. You can write custom code whenever you want, or things unique about your product
  3. Your product will have native UI across all platforms. It’s not generating “hybrid” apps that don’t feel good